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Historical glimpses of

Oman Scouts & Guides

  • 1932: The first scout troop was established at the Royal School in Muscat.

  • 1937: The Sultanate’s government dispatched a group of Omani youth on a study mission to Iraq for a period of 4 years, during which they received training in scouts, in addition to their academic studies.

  • 1941: These people returned to the homeland and joined government schools, and the idea of scouts was in there mind until they succeeded in forming the Saidia School Scout troop in Muscat, from which the scouts moved to other schools.

  • 1970: With the dawn of the blessed renaissance, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God bless his sole - gave great attention to youth activities, especially scouts and female guides, which helped consolidate its position on the national level and allowed it to open up to the outside world.

  • 1975: Royal Decree No. (10/75) was issued to organize the scout movement in the Sultanate, and to establish the National Organization for Scouts and Girl Guides under the supervision of His Majesty in person.

  • 1976: Arab recognition of the Omani Scouts was obtained during the Twelfth Arab Scout Conference in Tunis.

  • 1977: Worldwide recognition of the Omani Scouts was obtained during the Twenty-sixth World Scout Conference in Montreal (Canada).

  • 1983: The inauguration of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, was celebrated in a remarkable ceremony held in Al-Fateh Square on November 20.

  • 1991: The National Organization set out to develop its structure and activities by setting long-term strategic plans to achieve the expected growth in all its fields.

  • 2002: The Scout Band that was formed under the guidance and support of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, was declared.

  • In 2007: Royal Decree No. 41/2007 was issued to establish a General Directorate for Scouts and Guides in the Ministry of Education.

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